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Slide                 In 1994, with the American dream, Mr. Javier and Mrs. Bertha Zavala started a family business by cleaning two houses per week. With the pledge to keep going, this was the initiation of one of the companies that would be in the market for many years. Though the first months were the most difficult, they took things they as came. Mr. Javier never lost faith in taking the company to where it is now. In 1995 the company, J&B Professional Cleaning Service, established.

                 With only three offices and two houses that Mr. Javier and Mrs. Bertha cleaned, they were able to launch our janitorial service and post-construction cleaning. As the years passed, J&B was able to obtain new accounts and today those accounts sum over 100 janitorial accounts and up to four post-construction projects per day around the space city.

                 With experience in the industry, J&B could provide a specialty cleaning to new construction jobs. In 2001, for the first time, the company had to take charge of cleaning their first big project. Leading us to create a new group to be able to service all customers.

                 In 2017, Mr. Javier and son, Jhanz Zavala decided, to make a division in the company to better symbolize our expansion and continuous improvement. Hence the beginning of JB Post-Construction Cleaning, a sister company that took over the new construction projects of Houston and surrounding areas.
Our Mission Since 1995, our purpose and goal has been to serve our clients and employees by providing a high quality clean in the Greater Houston area and surrounding cities